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HP_Rumble: The O.W.L. Examinations Icon Challenge

School's in Session!

Harry Potter O.W.L.s Challenge
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Harry Potter Individual/Group Icontest

HP_RUMBLE: The O.W.L.S. Examinations Icon Challenge is more flexible version of a LIMS contest for the Harry Potter Fandom. Based on point accumulation, participants are never eliminated and are not required to enter all rounds. Working both as a team and as individuals, the winners will determined based on skill, dedication, hard work, strategy, and a little persistence. + Enroll as a Student + Register as a Fifth-Year +
The school year will consist of two terms and a term break. For fifth-years preparing for their Ordinary Wizarding Levels, students will have the option of attending as many or as few of the 12 courses that are covered by the O.W.L.s. Two courses are offered each week for six weeks, where practice examinations will be given for homework. At the end of the second term, fifth-years will endure partake in a week of O.W.L. examinations, the results of which will be graded and posted the following week along with the House Cup winner (the house that has the most points at the end of the year) and the students who made the Headmistress’s List (the Top three students that have the most points at the end of the year). + Hogwarts Letter + Curriculum +
In addition to attending classes, students are welcome to explore both the school grounds and surrounding areas. The Quidditch Pitch will be open during term break to host the Inter-House Quidditch Tournament. The Headmistress’s Office is open for visitors at any time to receive comments, complains, suggestions, etc. Throughout the year, all students will have the opportunity to visits Hogsmeade Village to visit the bevy of shops and make purchases. These goods along with their remaining knuts will be stored in their own vault at Gringotts Wizarding Bank, located in Diagon Alley. + Gringotts + Hogsmeade + Quidditch Pitch + Headmistress’s Office +
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