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Potions 501 with Prof. Slughorn--Grade Results

Attention students, this is your headmistress speaking. Professor Slughorn has finished grading your Potions 501 homework assignments. Please review them, and get back to me if you have any questions. This will be a good guide post to work from as you head towards your real O.W.Ls.

Please do not get discouraged with the results--these are practice tests to get you ready for you real O.W.L.s at the end of the second term. If you are not pleased where you stand as a house or individually, remember you can: 1) ask the top students to tutor you, 2) practice, practice, practice, 3) make sure all your house members attend classes; 4) spend money at Hogsmeade's shops, and 5) look for the Room of Requirement to find ultimate treasures.

* Points have been converted to gnuts and deposited into your Gringotts vaults
* Students may now purchase goods at Hogsmeade if they so desire
* Our Top Student's work will be displayed along with all other winners in the Trophy Room and Armour Gallery

- Potions 501 - Honor Roll -
16 pts (11+5 bonus)
Exceeds Expectations
09 pts (5+4 bonus)

07 pts (4+3 bonus)
Teachers Pet

potions1.png image by chef_doeuvre
potions2.png image by chef_doeuvre
potions3.png image by chef_doeuvre
potions_mc.jpg image by chef_doeuvre

Teacher's Pet:
The over saturation/contrast actually works here. It makes the icon fits with the text you chose--it reminds me over the colorful way cartoons or TV shows depict people's visions when they are high on drugs.
Your banners will be posted soon.


- Potions 501 - Grades (Lump Sum) -

* Grades are posted by student id # (the same as your vault #)
* For those who requested more detailed results, go HERE and enter your password (will be posted 10/7)
*If you did not receive a password but would like one, please comment to this post with your request for a neg/pos or detailed grading result

001: -5 pts || 002: 02 pts || 003: no submission || 004: no submission
005: 09 pts || 006: no submission || 007: no submission || 008: no submission
009: no submission || 010: 16 pts || 011: -02 pts || 012: no submission
013: 07 pts || 014: no submission || 015: no submission || 016: -03 pts
no submission || 018: -08 pts || 019: no submission || 020: 02 pts
no submission || 022: -04 pts || 023: no submission || 024: no submission

- House Cup Standings - Current-

Will be update 10/7--I want the Quidditch cup results to be a surprise.

- Headmistress's List - Current-

_myimaginary_ with 62 points
ambersolace with 57 points
pierhias with 42 points