October 5th, 2009


Last Minute Reminder

Hello all, this is your headmistress speaking.  Just wanted to remind you that we are almost done with our fourth week of courses.  Your assignments for Astronomy (8 entries thus far) and Care of Magical Creatures (6 entries so far) are due by 11:59 pm US CST Tuesday, October 6th.

I have over nine results posts to do and everything that goes with it (gringotts, banners, community header, detailed scores).  In other words, your Headmistress is in over her head. :P  I'm almost done scoring everything and converting it all t gnuts, etc., so I'll try to get those posts up by the end of tomorrow.  The banners will be a bit longer, sorry.  After this school year, I most definitely will be looking for Headboys/girls and Prefects to help now that some of you will know how this school is run.

All right, good luck and happy icon making!