October 3rd, 2009


Mid Week Reminder and Summary Post

Hello all, this is your headmistress speaking.  Just wanted to remind you that we are halfway through our fourth week of courses.  Your assignments for Astronomy (3 entries thus far) and Care of Magical Creatures (1 entries so far) are due by 11:59 pm US CST Tuesday, October 6th.

I realize many of you went home for term break, and most likely missed the flurry of O.W.Ls that were sent here.  I have included a summary immediately below, with links to everything.  I implore you to score/grade any matches/courses you may have missed because it makes your Headmistress's headaches go down.  The more votes we have, the less likely I have to keep the grading open and I can post your results on time.  This is turn helps you to stay informed of your standing sooner, thus, helping you alter your strategy and let you know if you should buy objects at Hogsmeade and what, if you need to enter more challenges, and so on.

Thanks very much and have a great rest of the week!