September 26th, 2009


The Grounds, Quidditch Pitch--Match 4: Gryffindor v. Hufflepuff overseen by Madam Hooch

The Quidditch Cup Tournament has officially begun!  I want a fair, honorable fight.  Good luck to both teams!

Round Rules:

Round is only open to students who are housed in GRYFFINDOR or HUFFLEPUFF.

-Icons must feature Nymphadora Tonks and/or Reums Lupin.  You may use any pics of them you want; however, I'm not sure how many pics of Tonks (I know there are plenty of Lupin) are readily accessible, so I have captured some of her and put them into the following gallery.
-All brushes, blends, and bases are allowed
-Animation is not allowed this round

Tournament Rules:
-You may submit at most three (3) icons.
-All icons must be 100x100 pixels, 40 kb or less, and in GIF/PNG/JPG format
-All icons must be original and new
-Submit your icon with both the image and the URL

-Icons must be turned wtithin
24 hours later by Sunday, September 27  at 12:00 NOON US CST.
-If you have any questions,feel free to ask the Headmistress or see the Quidditch Cup overview
-Have fun!