September 12th, 2009

Actors--Tom Felton--B/W

Mid-Week Reminder

Hello all, this is your headmistress speaking.  Just wanted to remind you that we are halfway through our second week of courses.  Your assignments for Herbology (3 entries thus far) and Defense Against the Dark Arts (2 entries so far) are due by 11:59 pm US CST Tuesday, September 15th.

Grading for last week's courses,  Charms and Transfiguration will continue to remain open at least trhought the remainder of the day, as we are short one or two votes.  If you haven't voted now, please do so as it only takes a minute!

Also, regarding grading-I looked at the survey votes and comments (thanks to those who let me know) and I will post the results in a lump sum. However, I have taken note of those who had other voting requests.  To those who asked for a more thorough breakdown of voting, I will post results over at wordpress in password protected entries so you can see your results.  I'll send out passwords in PMs to you all in the next couple of days.  Comments will remain optional.

That's it.   Have a great rest of the weekend!