September 1st, 2009

Movie--HP--Fanart Trio

Welcome Students to your Fifth Year!


Welcome back fifth-years!  I hope this year will be full of fun, adventure, and learning for you all as you head towards your greatest challenge yet here at Hogwarts--passing your Ordinary Wizarding Levels!  Remember, that in your quest for self actualization, you will need the support of your friends and peers to reach the pinnacle of success.

Now, a round of applause as we formally welcome and recognize our houses:

Gryffindor: narniacmr , la_conquistador , beauty_untold , lastyearswishes , fanplastico , and wonkiebonky 
Slytherin: evolretsalp , whiteroseofdark , conquete , fueledbyaudrey , _myimaginary_ , and ambersolace 
Hufflepuff: miss_un_known , chewyyyyyy , dawnfarie , magick_mel , jelly_head91 , and nienna674
Ravenclaw: ng_x , pierhias , caramelmilk_t , deadly_lemonade , love_in_despair , and vitallani 

Secondly, in the coming days further renovations will be completed among the grounds of Hogwarts, and more rooms will become accessible to students.  Rooms that may appear include; the Trophy Room (winning icons) and the Hogwarts Library (resources), which all can be found both in the abbreviated and more detailed versions of the Marauder map.  It is interesting to note, though it does not appear on any map, the Room of Requirement does exist.  To those brave and cunning students who may seek and find it, great treasures await you.

Lastly, as you are all now officially fifth years, prefect positions will be open shortly for all houses.   Look for further details and job descriptions in one too two weeks time, after you have settled in and become familiar with your schedule.

Again, welcome back students.   Have a good night, get some sleep, and we look forward to seeing you in class tomorrow!