August 15th, 2009

Movie--HP--HBP Trio

Hogsmeade Village


 Once again Fifth-years will have the opportunity to visit Hogsmeade Village and spend their hard earned knuts on a bevy of delights.  Students are expected to show proper decorum when off school grounds, and of course, have fun.
  1. At the end of every voting round, students' marks will be converted to knuts and stored in Gringotts Wizarding Bank.
  2. At any time during the week, students may visit Hogsmeade and browse the stores.  For more information on the goods they are permitted to purchase, see (A-D), (E-L), and (M-Z).
  3. To make an order, please head over to the Headmistress's Office and type in the subject line: HOGSMEADE.  When making your order, please include your Gringott's vault number, the store(s) you wish to order from, the object(s) you desire, and the quantity.  Example: Vault 234; Honeydukes; Acid pops (x2)
  4. When your order is confirmed, your items will be shipped to your vault for storage.
  5. When you want to use an item, please head over to the Headmistress's Office and leave her a note with your vault number, the item(s) you wish to use, and the quantity. 
  6. Dependent on the item, it will be used immediately upon receiving your request or during the next voting round (for those that apply).  Item will then be withdrawn from your vault

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